Magnetic Necklace: A Dual Purpose Accessory

Wondering how magnetic necklace can be used for medical and beauty accessories? Go through the article and find out.


So what is a Magnetic Necklace clasp? Normally, magnetic necklace clasps come in form of a set of two. Each package consists nickel free magnetic clasps; one with a silver tone with the other gold. One end of each clasp contains a spring ring while the other end has a very good looking traditional lobster claw or snap closure. On normal cases, the Magnetic Necklace or magnetic bracelet is fastened to a necklace chain by snapping the magnetic ends to close.

More about Magnetic Necklace

From the many customer reviews both from online and local sources, it is crystal clear that the product delivers. Well, it looks good besides being easy to use and remove from the necklaces with the help of the small magnetic necklace clasp. However, it can also be embarrassing and maybe irritating to keep moving the clasps hanging next to your pendant to the back to the neck. It is also important to understand that magnetic necklaces are not advisable for use by expectant mothers.

Shopping Tips

Although, Magnetic necklace has now become a popular choice for pain relief especially in the upper body as well as the head, purchasing it can be quite overwhelming. Whether you are buying it as a tool to be used in pain therapy or as an accessory, it is important to understand the different types of necklaces, how they are meant to be worn and the difference in quality and the strength of the magnets. Here are 3 great tips you can use when buying magnetic jewellery.

  • Know the right type of necklace. This is crucial since there are very few types of magnetic necklaces available. There is the lariat that has no clasp that is wrapped around the neck with the help of magnet in them. Unlike the lariat, another type is the traditional necklaces with clasp. They come in different in sizes, plain or with charms.
  • Quality is another important factor to consider. There are two aspects here; the craftsmanship and the quality of materials. The very high quality magnetic necklaces are made of high quality accent beads with very powerful magnets. When it comes to craftsmanship, make sure you look for a craftsman who can create different gorgeous and unique designs.
  • The very last thing to take into consideration is your personal style. Magnetic wrap necklaces variety is wide; the common design is hematite beads that are arranged along a string or a wire with many sophisticated colors, charms and styles. Magnetic necklace for men are also available.

The most interesting advantage of the magnetic necklaces is that it can penetrate its magnetic forces deep into your tissues. Besides that, there are different sizes; 18 to 20 inches are ideal sizes for models. Standard length helps one add pendant with ease. However, you can always pick any length depending on what you want exactly.



Medical Uses of a Magnetic Necklace

Since the time of the early Chinese and Greeks, the healing properties of magnets has been used in many ailments. The ancient Chinese and Greeks used the magnetic rocks and lodestone to reduce any pain and discomfort in their bodies. The same principle is still used today, in form of necklace, shoe inserts, watches, bracelets, and rings as a drug free and safe cure for various diseases.

  • Increases blood circulation. On normal situations, magnets use the magnetic field in blood cells. Within the blood cells there is attracting and repelling of charged particles. As a result, more oxygen is circulated throughout the body. There is more movement of haemoglobin, fatty deposits along the vessels decrease and accelerated blood flow. Medical experts have proved that magnetic energy acts like a catalyst that speeds up the healing process besides easing pain.
  • Alleviate pain. Neck pains that may be associated with arthritis and fibromyalgia are being relieved through magnetic necklaces. The magnetic forces blocks the pain signal nerves from getting to the brain.
  • Reduction of stress and depression. Magnetic therapy necklace when used at night may increase the level of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is secreted by the pineal gland, it has a soothing effect that regulates one’s sleeping cycles. With increased level of the hormone there is increased energy and reduction of stress from relaxing.

  • Reduced symptoms of cancer, aging, heart diseases, muscle sprains, joint pains and head injuries.
  • Corrects any central nervous diseases
  • Magnetic necklace also help reduce inflammation

Magnetic necklace are important piece of accessory. It is does not only improve your looks but also has medical benefits that has been used since ancient times.